Monday, August 13, 2007

New PJ's

We are leaving for Mexico in less than 24 hours!!!  Okay, so needless to say I am excited!  Summer is going to be staying with my mom & Tre while we are gone.  I think she will be fine since she really likes both of them a lot.  I am sure they will be spoiling her the whole time we are gone anyway. 

When we get back, Clint's parents are going to be here waiting for us.  They have not been to visit us since Summer was born so I am glad they are finally coming to see us.  I think they will have a good time seeing Summer because she is so entertaining at this stage in her life. 

I got Summer some new clothes a couple of weeks ago.  Most of them are for the summer next year.  I bought her 3T so I hope she is able to wear them.  She wears 18-24 months right now so I am sure they will work out fine.  I did get her a couple of long sleeve shirts and a pair of pants for this fall and winter.  I also get her several sets of PJs.  Before this trip, she only had one pair of PJs which were shorts and a tank top with elephants on them (silky).  As you can see from the pics, she is as cute as a bug in them.  Well, I need to get this house semi-clean  before we leave for Mexico.  I better run.

Oh yeah, she says almost everything now.  She is really imitating a lot of what I say or do so I better be on my best behavior...LOL.

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vssunnyad said...

She is adorable!! So beautiful! And I was wondering where you two were going next. You guys are always going somewhere! Lucky girl!! ;)