Monday, July 30, 2007

Home Again

Clint and I made a last minute trip to Detroit to visit my dear friend Christina---FINALLY!  It has been almost 3 years since she moved up there and she has been bugging me for a while to come and visit her.  So, we hopped on a plane and partied like a rock star all weekend (LOL).  We had a really good time, but it is good to be home.  I really missed Summer.  I was away from her for 4 nights which is the longest I have been away from her since she was born.  I did get to talk to her on the phone for the first time while we were gone.  She actually said Momma and a few other words (some clear and some not).  It was cute.  She also left me my first voicemail from her one day.  She said Momma  and that was all it took for me to fall in love with her all over again.  Such a doll she is.  I replayed it many times while I was gone. 

She seemed so happy when I got back which  made me really happy too.  She has been such a joyful little girl since we got home.  Silly and always ready to laugh and play.  I really did get lucky with her.  I hope I don't do anything to screw her up...LOL

I have come across a few pictures which have jogged a few memories out of my head.  It seems like I am forgetting to write so much, but it is happening so fast that I can hardly keep up myself.  She is growing up.  She is not really a baby anymore, but she doesn't really seem like she is old enough to be a little girl yet.  Where is the time going?

1.  We went to Playworld Down Under with Alicia, DJ, Liliana, Kelli, Justin and Katelyn a few weeks ago.  It was Summer's first trip there and she really had a good time.  She especially liked the slides, but usually wanted to climb up them to get back to the top.  Eventually, she did accept that she had to go up the steps to get to slide.  The girls all got to ride on a little Merry-Go-Round type ride after they played.  Then we cashed in the tickets that the parents won (LOL) and got them prizes.  I got Summer 2 bracelets and a plastic frog.  Needless to say I didn't have many tickets....unlike the other parents.  We all had a good time I think.

2.  I was repotting some plants at the condo on my balcony and Summer came out to "help" me.  If adding to the mess I was already making is any help...hmmmAnyway, there were a few shallow puddles of dirt/water on the concrete.  Summer was immediately attracted to these and decided she needed to put her face in them.  She loves to blow bubbles in the pool or bathtub.  Oh yeah, did I mention there was dirt involved?  If you have seen the pictures, I am sure you already know there was.  It was quite a site to see and if I remember correctly, I had Clint clean her up afterwards so it was actually worth the pictures I got from it. 

3.  Clint and I have taken  Summer to Coolidge Park several times this summer.  She likes to play in the small fountains, but she is not too keen on the big fountains yet.  It is okay though because the water in the small fountains tastes good....LOL...she doesn't seem to mind the taste anyway.  I don't let her sit there and drink the water out if it.  If I really did that, I would be constantly scolding her which means there isn't really much of a point in taking her to the park.  So, I let her play and have fun and do her own thing as long as I know her life is not actually in danger.  Clint tried to get her to go in the bigger fountains with him the other day, but they ended up not doing that.  This past week, I had my niece and nephew with us and they had a good time too.  Before we got in the fountains, we rode on the Merry-Go-Round.  Summer and I rode on a cat.  She liked it, but was ready to get off by the time the music stopped.  At least she wasn't begging to stay on!!!

4.  Summer also loves the playground at the mall.  Sometimes I play with her, and sometimes Clint will stay in there with her while I go shop.  We also have play dates there with Liliana every once in a while. 

5.  Suckers ~ Summer loves suckers.  We got one at the bank the other day and another one from somewhere else.  I usually let her eat them when she is sitting in her stroller b/c then she can't get too much stuff sticky.  We have not really had any sticky issues yet, but I am sure they are headed my way.  It is cute to see her reaction when you hand her the sucker.  She has this look like she is so happy/surprised/ the sucker really made her day.  So, they are a nice treat for her whenever we get them. 

Here are a few videos that I came across today when I was going through my pictures.  I will try to do this more often for all you grandparents who don't get to see her much.  I must admit I do love showing off my little angel.  She makes my world go around.

Sliding  --

Eating breakfast  --


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vssunnyad said...

Ohmygoodness! That pic of Summer with her face in the water and dirt is priceless! Too cute!
I am glad you two had fun in Detroit!