Monday, May 20, 2013

All she wants for Christmas is her two front teeth!!!

Summer lost her two front teeth the week before she turned 7.  Her teacher, Ms. Hughes, pulled one on Monday and Summer pulled the other on Friday at school.  So that puts her up to 6 teeth she has lost.  I am lucky enough not to of had pull any of them!!!  There's just something about teeth coming out that makes me squirm.  A few years ago I did have dreams of my teeth falling out, but it has been a while.  I'm not sure if the flashbacks to those nightmares is what makes me uneasy, but it doesn't matter because so far she is perfectly happy pulling them herself.

She turned 7 two weeks ago, and we had her birthday party the day before at our house.  The weather had threatened to be ugly, so we put the inflatable in the basement along with some balloons and a few other games and the kids had an absolute blast.  The little capsules that dissolve in water leaving a sponge creature were a big hit with her friends.  Her cake was from the Great American Cookie company and, like last year, had a dolphin on it per her request.  Her friends Abby, Willow, Liliana, Laila, Katelyn, Jacob, Giada, and Maxwell all celebrated with her. Her cousins Leah, Faith, and Jonathan were also hear to celebrate along with other relatives including my aunts Melody and Sandra, my Granny, my cousin Alex and her husband Jonathan.  Memaw, Nanny, PawPaw, Lexie and Amanda were also here to with her a Happy Birthday.  It was a fun day and she received many games and a few nail polish sets.  One of her favorite games, which we played that night, was Uno Attack.

The next morning I gave her some clothes and a 3 pack of Barbie movies.  She is really into Barbie movies, but not really the dolls.  Go figure!  The hot pink tennis shoes I got her were a perfect fit.  I believe they are the first pair of tennis shoes that I have bought her with shoes strings instead of velcro.  She was excited to tie them and picked it up really quick as I have only tied them a handful of times over the past two weeks.  On the way to school that morning, she looked at the book of rock and minerals that Memaw and Nanny gave her.  She was amazed by some of the rocks she saw.  Like every other day this year, I walked her into school to her classroom.  She is still not willing to let me drop her off at the flagpole via the carpool line, but I don't mind.  She's my one and only!!!!  For her birthday dinner she chose to eat at Ryans.  Memaw, Nanny, Amanda, and Lexie met the three of us there to celebrate.  Her favorite thing to eat at Ryans is yeast rolls stuffed with steak, chili, rice and possibly olives. It's definitely an odd combination that I would never try, but to each their own.

We've been frequenting Chuck E. Cheese quite a bit lately.  She really loves to go there and when it is just me and her, it is pretty relaxing and fun.  Whereas once upon a time she hated pizza, now cheese pizza is her menu item of choice here.  We play while our pizza cook, and then take a break when it's ready.  She usually eats 4 of the 6 pieces of their small pizza.  After she gets her big pile of tickets, she cashes them in for some awesome (LOL) prize and we are on our way.  Amazingly, the thing she just had to have somehow seems to never leave the backseat of the car until I am cleaning it out and throw whatever it is away.  In fact, the floorboard of my car is scattered with tokens so it might be time for another trip to clear them out.  If she saves up several trips worth of tickets, she can usually get a decent prize. She spent the night with my aunts and cousin a few weeks ago, and they took her to Chuck E. Cheese.  She ended up leaving with a mini lego set which she really enjoyed and it did make it into the house!

Another thing she has really been into lately is playing the Wii.  Her favorite games are Chuck E. Cheese, Sing It, and the Just Dance games. She is getting to where she will continue to play with me even though I usually win on Just Dance.  The other night we were playing Sing It, and she convinced me that we were good enough to do the hard version rather than easy or medium.  Although deep down I wanted to do easy, I complied to her request.  We neither one have a great singing voice, but we put our hearts into it and that's what counts.  Having fun with my little girl is priceless!  I hope the years ahead will bring us many more fun times.


Susie said...

Happy Birthday Summer!! Glad she had a great birthday!!

Christina said...

Love these kind of updates! XOXO