Thursday, May 24, 2012

3.5 days and counting

It's hard to believe that Kindergarden is almost over. The year has flown by as the years do when you get older. I really don't remember them going by this fast when I was still in school. Summer and I are looking forward to the summer. Vacations, camps, trips to the pool....what more could you want? Me possibly a boat ride or two, but I think Summer could do without that. The nose dives the boat took last year along with our bad luck getting it started at times has pretty much scarred her for life and given her a negative view of boating. :( Another perk of summertime is NOT having to get up and go to school every day. That will be awesome! Summer may still get up early, but we won't have to leave the house everyday by seven forty five a.m. Today was her end of the year party. The kids got to celebrate at the Warner Park Spray and Play. It was a blast for them and such a beautiful day too. Summer led her friends in a few made up routines while playing in the fountains that had them all mesmerized. It was fun just to watch them smiling and giggling and enjoying the time with each other. The ice cream bar was also a treat for the kids. What kid doesn't like ice cream? Tomorrow we have some early scans (one month) due to some insurance issues. I'm happy to go ahead and get them over with so we won't have that cloud over our summer. She will probably end up missing all day tomorrow so technically she only has 2.5 days left of school. :D She will have a chest x-ray, ultrasound and bloodwork to make sure she still looks to be cancer free. I'm soooo ready to have the results already. I remember she we first found out she had cancer it was via ultrasound in the same place we are going tomorrow, and it was one of the worst days of my life. I don't know what I would do if I got that news again, but I'm sure we would cope. I am thankful beyond what words could describe for my baby and the way she has recovered from her bout with cancer. I pray she never has to go through it again! Now if only we could get the rest of our clan cancer free..... The holiday weekend is going to be spent with friends and family swimming and and having fun. Then we will finish up the school year with graduation on Wednesday afternoon followed by a half day on Thursday. Let the good times roll!

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Susie said...

Praying for good results for Summer!! Have a great summer!!