Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Here comes Peter Cottontail

Easter is almost here. It is such a fun time if year with Easter egg hunts galore which also means lots of candy. Summer said she wants the Easter Bunny to bring her butterscotch. I don't think I ever had any of that in my baskets growing up. I remember the chocolate the best and the marshmallow chicks. This past weekend, we went to our second egg hunt. One of the girls in Summer's class had a big hunt with over 1,200 eggs for about thirty to forty kids. It was a lot more fun than the hunt the previous weekend that hid maybe 50 eggs for 10-15 kids. Summer found only four or five that hunt and was not overly joyed with her bounty to say the least. This coming weekend we have two more hunts, with the grand finale at my Aunt Leisa's house. It will probably be the best so that's why I'm calling it the grand finale. We always had great egg hunts at my Memaw's house when I was growing up. After her death, my aunt carried on the tradition and has kept dong it although most of the kids hunting now are her great nieces and nephews. She has prizes out the wazoo. Two years ago, I joined in on the hunt since there were not many kids hunting. What a fun and exhausting time that was! Oh to be a kid again....

Summer had her school party today which also had an egg hunt. The kids in both kindergarten classes at St. Peter's got to celebrate at Riverview playground which is one of our favorites. Any playground is actually fine with Summer. After lunch today she wanted to go to the downtown playground, but we missed the little girls room on the way out of the restaurant. So, instead she played a little in front of the aquarium. On the way home, she was still disappointed she didn't get to go to the playground. I know she is going to be in hog heaven in a little while so I'm not going to sweat it too much. She is going to get to spend two nights with her cousins at my mom's house followed by one night with them at our house. It's gong to be a fun holiday weekend for sure. And, lucky for us we have Monday off to relax after all the running around we are going to be doing. It's so nice when life is good!

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Susie said...

Love a good Easter Egg Hunt!! I know it is disappointing when they don't get many eggs though!! Have a Happy Easter!!