Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Windy Week at the Beach

We are at the beach this week in Savannah, GA.  It has been windy every day and it actually rained a bit today.  There is a play ground about a block away from our townhouse which has been really nice for Summer.  We have taken her to play on it every morning and she is really enjoying it. We went to the library today for story time which was a first for myself and Summer.  She did not really pay attention to the book, but she did like the songs.  It was the first time she actually stomped her feet during the song "If You're Happy and You Know It."  She is still not a big fan of the beach.  It doesn't help that it is windy as can be, but I did finally get her to sit on her towel and play with the shell-covered sand (broken shells...).  She did that for a good thirty minutes or so before we decided to head back in.  Actually the reason we headed in was because I noticed sand in her ear from all the wind blowing I guess.  I tried to get her to wear a hat, but she refused so we headed back to our rental.  She will not put her feet in the sand at all.  Oh well....

My best friend and her family are down here so there are two other kids Summer's age for her to play with.  That has been fun for Summer too.  I, of course, am happy to just be at the beach.  I wish we were able to get in the pool for a bit, but so far the sun has not really been on my side.  We are going sightseeing tomorrow so that should be fun.  My in laws are down here with us and they, along with Clint, have been enjoying the bikes that came with our rental.  We went for a walk tonight after dinner and it was nice.  We even walked out to the beach even though it was dark and still very windy.  I hope tomorrow brings the sun, but the weatherman is calling for rain.

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