Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hanging with family

Today Summer and I spent some time with my sister and her kids.  Summer actually spent the night with my sister last night so Clint and I could have a night out.  My sister and mom have really been great at giving me and Clint time alone.  They love keeping her and tease each other about whose turn it is to keep her.  I'm glad they enjoy her so much because I really like spending time alone with Clint.  Anyways, this morning after Clint and I went to Panera for breakfast, I drove to Trenton to get my baby.  She was happy to see me and ready to eat!  I fed her and then took some pictures of her with her cousins.  She was ready for a nap, so I put her to bed and then spent some time with my sister.  It was nice hanging out with her for a while because it is not something we do very often.  My granny came over to see the baby while she was napping.  She had been asleep for about an hour and a half, so I finally woke her up so my granny could see her before she left.  Then me, my sister, and our girls went to eat lunch.  After that we stopped by a few shops in Trenton to look for a Batman costume for my nephew.  We couldn't find one, so we ended up getting him a Spiderman costume.  Oh yeah, Summer wore her Halloween costume today.  She was so cute and everyone was admiring her.  Overall, it was a pretty good day.  It made me realize that I need to spend more time with my sister because I enjoy being around her.  What we really need is someone to take care of our kids so we can have some real fun!!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

More firsts for Summer

Summer has done a few new things this past week.  Last Saturday when I went to my mom's house to visit and pick her up, we went out in the yard and let her play with the leaves that had fallen on the ground.  She really liked looking at the leaves and tasting them.  The green and yellow leaves were her favorites.  She did not taste the red leaves...I'm not sure why.  We got some cute pictures of her with the leaves and in a tree.  The ones in the tree would be better if they were just her, but I couldn't very well leave her in the tree alone! 

She used her high chair for the first time last Friday.  She also had her first oatmeal with bananas meal at the same time.  When we first put her in the high chair she was checking it out and it seemed like she liked it.  However, now it does not seem that she likes to be in it unless she is eating.  She would rather be in my arms or her daddy's arms...go figure. 

On Sunday she had her 1st green peas.  She liked them.  They have a different texture than the other vegetables, but she didn't seem to mind.  I tried to make all smily faces while she was eating them...I hate peas!!!  But, I don't want her to know that.  I was all "Yummy!  Peas!"  I'm not sure if that was necessary because she ate the whole jar.  I am feeding her the big 4 oz. jars now instead of the 2.5 oz jars.  I was surprised that the first time I gave her a big jar, she ate the whole thing.  I didn't expect that, but I guess she is growing.  She drinks about 2-4 ounces of 1/2 juice-1/2 water after she eats her veggie of the day. 

Let's see what else.......Oh yeah, she rode in the shopping cart for the 1st time this week at TJ Max.  Then yesterday she rode in one at Old Navy.  I guess that is pretty much it for firsts this week. 

She is getting up on all fours pretty good now, but she can't really travel forward yet.  She can scoot around as long as it is backwards.  I'm not rushing the crawling though.  Although I know it will be so adorable when she finally does crawl, I will have to watch her like a hawk.  Now I can leave the room for a minute without worrying too much, but when she starts crawling that will probably not be a good idea.  She is able to move around a lot more now meaning she can change positions easier.  She can go from sitting to her belly pretty smoothly - that is to say she can do it without just falling onto it.  When she is laying on me, she will reposition herself to the floor or where ever she wants to look or be.  I guess it help to have something to balance herself on when she is moving around.  It is amazing how fast all of this happens.  Of course compared to animals, it takes humans a lot longer to become independent and self-sufficient.  But, then again we are pretty sophisticated beings.  Okay then....

Summer seems to be rounding out.  Before she had rolls on her arms, but her belly wasn't really round.  Now, she has a belly too.  She is sooooo adorable and I just love her to pieces...rolls and all.  I guess that is about it.  I still haven't gotten the cute "razzing" on video.  She seems to get camera shy when I video tape her.  Oh well....maybe one day. 


Saturday, October 21, 2006

It's My Birthday!

Well, today is my 29th birthday.  Clint and I went to dinner and a movie last night and then stayed at the condo.  He got up this morning and went to work.  So, I decided to go to Panera and get myself an IC Mocha and catch up on email since my mom has Summer.  I am having a pretty relalxing day so far.  Both of my parents and inlaws have called and sang "Happy Birthday" to me already.  It was really nice of them to think of me and help start my day off right. 

After I leave here, I am going to make a stop by Wal-Mart--my 7th or 8th trip this week!!! (at least...I lost track)  I don't know what it is about that place, but I guess you could say I'm drawn to it.  I guess it is the convenience of "one stop" shopping.  So far everything I have bought for the condo, excluding the refridgerator, has come from Wal-Mart.  It is coming along pretty nice if I say so myself.  The walls are still bare, but I have lamps, pillows, blankets and such.   

I am anxious to see my little girl too!  It is nice to have some time away from her, but it is also nice to be around her.  Thursday Clint watched her for me while I went to workout.  So, I decided to make a trip to Wal-Mart after the workout since I was alone.  It is nice not to have to rush through the store like I do when Summer is with me.  Then that night I had to go to school, so he watched her again for a few hours.  She was not a happy camper that evening according to Clint.  He had to hold her while he was working (because she was crying...I guess she missed me) and she fell asleep on his lap.  It is nice to have him to watch her for me more now.  She is more fun to play with now, so Clint is really enjoying her more.  

Last night I called my mom to check on the baby around 6:30 and she hadn't eaten since she I fed her at 1:30.  Mom said she wouldn't take a bottle or eat any food.  I guess she was too busy having fun with Memaw and Nanny to take time out to eat.  My mom called me back around 7:30 and said Summer had finally taken her bottle with cereal in it and was asleep.  So, that eased my mind and I was able to enjoy the rest of the evening.  I called this morning to check on her and they said she slept for 14 hours without getting up!  They must have really worn her out.  I know she has a good time with them and that makes me soooo happy. 

Well, I guess that is about it for now.  I forgot to take pics of the condo, so I will try to make it a point to do it sometime this week if I go back down there.  Anyways, I'm off to Wal-Mart for the 800th time this week.......


Sunday, October 15, 2006

She's sitting good!

Summer can pretty much sit on her own now.  It has been about 2 weeks since she started sitting for about a minute at a time.  Now she can do it for long periods of time.  She is sooo big!  She does not like it when I leave her sight though.....she wants me to be in her sight most of the time it seems like.  I can leave her playing in the floor (sitting), but after the toys get pushed too far away for her to reach she gets upset.  She doesn't know how to go from sitting to the floor I guess.  All things in time......which I'm sure won't be too far off. 

She has also started babbling and making "blowing" noises with her tongue.  I really don't know what they are called, but maybe that is the "raz" noise I have read about in books.  It is really cute.  Today when we were on a walk, she was jabbering and razzing (I guess that is what I will call it).  I wish I would've gotten it on video tape....maybe later. 

Anyways, I've got to get back to my show.   Enjoy the pics!!!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Moving and stuff

The past week has flown by.  Clint's sister came to visit us and is still here visiting.  This is the first time she has seen Summer.  We have been enjoying spending time with her since we only see her about once a year. 

Last weekend we started moving furniture into our condo downtown.  My mom and sister came by to help watch the baby while we unloaded the furniture and got things set up.  It is still an ongoing process.  It seems like I am always finding something else that I need to either take down there or go out and buy.  I have been to Wal-Mart numerous times trying to get everything I need, but I still don't have it all.  To top it all off, it is especially hard trying to do all this with Summer in tow.  Her stroller has come in handy though.  It has cut down on the number of trips I have to make from the car to the condo.  Anyways.......

I finally got a new camera!!!  I am so excited to see how the pictures turn out.  I need to take a bunch this weekend and then have them printed.  Well, I better get off here.  I'll try to post some new pics later this weekend.   

Sunday, October 8, 2006

She's such a doll!

Summer just continues to amaze me.  She is growing up soooo fast!  She has pretty much got the sitting thing down.  I still have to watch her to make sure there is nothing for her to fall on, but she can pretty much balance herself.  She will sit and play with her toys for a few minutes at a time, so it shouldn't be long before she can do it for longer.  I still have to sit her up...I'm not sure how long it will be before she can sit up by herself, but I think it is still a ways off. 

She is sitting in a high chair every time we go to a restaurant now.  She likes it okay...but sometimes she falls back and knocks her head on the back of the chair.  I have to put a blanket and clothes from her diaper bag behind her to help keep her from doing that.  She has also been "eating" lemons when we go out which is fun to watch.  I need to get the high chair I bought out of the garage, but I keep forgetting to.  The day goes by and it is time for her to eat, and the high chair is still in the garage.  Maybe one day this week....

She smiles all the time and makes me smile too.  I really am lucky to have such a good baby.  She has been so good this past week.  She doesn't cry as much as she used to (which was not a lot anyway) and just seems to be a happy baby.  I am really blessed to have her in my life. 

Oh yeah, the other day she rolled from her back to her belly.  Of course I didn't see her, but I know how she was when I laid her in the floor.  I was cooking dinner and looked over at her and she was on her belly.  That is the first (and only) time I know of that she has done that.  I hope I can be there for all of her major milestones...especially for the first time she says mommy.  I can't wait for that day!


Sunday, October 1, 2006

She's learning new tricks.....

Summer is down for a surprise nap so I thought I would take a minute to post some pics.  Yesterday, she sat in a highchair at a restaurant for the 1st time.  Of course I forgot my camera in the car I didn't drive.  Clint really wanted a pic of this milestone, so he went to the store next door to buy a disposable one.  But, they didn't have any so we took a pic with a friend's phone which will hopefully be emailed to us.  I guess we will have to wait and see.

Summer can almost sit up by herself.  She is learning to balance herself so it won't be long.  She can sit there for 30 seconds to a minute before she topples over.  It is so cute, but at the same time it makes me a little sad.  One day she will be all grown up and she won't need me anymore which makes me both happy and sad at the same time.  I will just try to enjoy every moment I have with her while she still depends on me for so much.  Okay, I better get these pics posted because I'm sure she will be up any minute.