Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lots of catching up

 Summer lost her first tooth the 2nd week of school.  She pulled it herself right before bedtime one night.  She put it in her tooth fairy pillow that she had sewed the week before and put it on the bedside table.  She lost her 2nd tooth two weeks ago.  Again, right before bed time.  She had tried to pull it in the bathroom after we brushed our teeth, but she gave up.  When we got in the bed to read her bedtime story, it fell out.  Both times the tooth fairy came and brought her $5 which she immediately put in her piggy bank, not her wallet.   

She started taking tennis lessons a few weeks ago against her will.  She loves to play with her daddy on the courts by the playground, but has protested lessons for as long as we've been suggesting them. One of her friends from school joined her on her second week which has made the transition to lessons easier I think.  She  still complains that she doesn't want to go, but she's going to finish this clinic out at least.  

Her reading is getting better and better.  Usually, we both read at night.  She picks a level 1 book, and I read whatever she has brought home from the library at school.  This week we are reading about African critters and also some scary stories.  I just love our reading/ tuck-in time every night.  We have beEen going over her list of 100 sight words a few times a week, and I definitely think it has helped.  She does well in everything at school.  She's pretty much mastered her doubles and loves her math homework.  Spelling seems to come pretty easy for her too.  Although homework is not her favorite part of the day, she usually does it quickly and without complaining.  Two thumbs up from this mom!! 

She was very excited about my birthday last week and counted down the days all week.  I told her all I wanted for my birthday was hugs and kisses, but she had to make me something.  She used her 
creativity and made me a life size cut out of her body-- fully colored to match the clothes she was 
wearing.  She also made me card and decorated the box she put it all in with a picture of me and her 
and a house.  Her surprise made my birthday day special even more special than I expected.  We went on a hike that day with some people from church which was very nice and enjoyable for us both.  She is such an outdoors girl and was in heaven when we got to the waterfalls.  She asked to take off her 
shoes, rolled up her pants, and took off with the other kids. Before hearing home, we stopped by 
Chuck E. Cheese for a birthday party (no not for me).  To our delight, there were lots of new games, 
as well as our old favorites!  We made it out without cashing in her tickets. I'm not sure how, but she 
never said anything as we headed out the door.  It had been a long day for us both and I think we 
were both ready to be home.

Tonight is the first night this week Summer has had oven fresh cookies...almost a nightly staple if she has her way. She likes them cooked very soft and licks all the melted chocolate from her finger tips in lieu of using a napkin.  Sometimes I doubt the nutritional value of this habit, but seeing how she has already beat cancer, it almost seems silly to fret over.  Whatever will be, will be.  The choice is definitely not mine you see.  

October has been a very busy month; maybe the busiest of the year.  With our new activities, we have
 not had as much free time as we did earlier this school year, but we still make the most of every day. Lots of fun plans for the weekend ahead!  I am so thankful for the people in my life.  My daughter is just one of the many people I love and cherish.  I am grateful for each and every day I have to spend with her.    I'll never be able to stop counting my blessings.

cherish.  I am truly blessed beyond measure!  Life's twists and turns are never predictable.