Thursday, October 30, 2008

The last days

Tomorrow is the last day my old blog will be on the Internet. :( I am having some feelings of sadness because all of the pictures did not transfer onto this blog. In the beginning I was going to try to download them to all of the posts, but the picture system on this blog is entirely different. Not sure how I would put 47 pictures on one post like I did in my Aol blog. Last night I finally got all the pics (I hope) downloaded to my computer. I still need to back them up on CDs, but that can wait a few days. Anyways, if you want to check out my old blog (including awesome pics of my baby growing up), do it today because on November 1 it will be too late.

I'm am moving on.

Tonight Lexie is going to get to spend the night with us. Summer is going to be excited I bet when she wakes up and finds that out. That is unless I have to take her nightlight and use it as a monitor for Lexie. Hmmm. That might cause a little bit of drama. I guess I better find her a good replacement night light right away! :) I am sure we will have fun. Maybe we will have to make some cookies for Lexie. :) Do you think Clint will fall for that one? I doubt it. I am thinking we will be watching Barney at somepoint tonight. He hasn't been on very much lately.

I almost forgot to tell you that he taught Summer her days of the week! She knows them all now. She can sing them and say them. It is really cute. She says Sundee, Monday, Tuesdee, Wednesday, Thursdee, Friday, Saturday. Or something like that. So, so adorable she is!!!

Lately Summer has been a little whiny though. I just don't know what to do when she does it. I hope my instincts are telling me the right things because if not it may never end. I am not sure whether my 1, 2, 3 spanking system is working. I am sure she doesn't like the spankings, but they may not be doing the trick. Sometimes it even seems like she likes them. Hmmm. Of course, that is not the only system. I also use privilege denial, "If you do this, then this will happen", and other such means as to curb her appetite for whining. :) Maybe ignoring would work better? I don't know for sure what the answer is, but consistency is probably the most important factor. I guess that is what I will aim for. I know it sure DOES NOT work when you are INCONSISTENT. I can give you examples if you need them. Just let me know. :)

Today Summer had a Halloween party at Playgym. There were not many kids there today which surprised me since we were having a party. Summer and I were dressed up as Barney and a butterfly. We were both looking pretty snazzy in our cool costumes so we decided to walk through downtown dressed in them. I didn't get any cat calls, but that was probably because it was so early in the morning. LOL Maybe I'll get lucky tomorrow night when we are out trick or treating, but I doubt it because we will be in a pretty nice neighborhood. I love going trick or treating in our friend's neighborhood. It is just so perfect for it. When I grew up my Mom drove us around the mountain and down through Trenton. We'd hit one or two of the nicer neighborhoods and head over to my Memaw's house for our big bag of candy. She always gave the best candy to us grandkids. We would get plastic baggies full of FULL-SIZE candy bars. Not the little ones, even though that is what I would prefer now. At least that is the way I remember it. She always had the best candy. That is the way I feel about my friend now. She always has the best candy and gives us lots of it!!! I guess maybe she's the reason behind my love handles. The past two years we sat on her porch and gave out candy with them after we trick or treated. It might be too cold for that this year though. I can't wait until tomorrow night. I hope Summer has a blast out getting candy. Of course, she might be finished after two or three houses. I hope not!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Disney On Ice

The night was a success! Minus the fact that Willow came down with welts all over her body. Needless to say she didn't get to go enjoy the show. As soon as I found this out, I called Alicia to see if Liliana and her would want to come. They did and met us there at showtime. The girls were in awe in the beginning. Summer got a little scared at first, but then climbed up into my lap where she stayed until I had to go to the bathroom. Then I passed her to her Daddy and she sat in his lap for the remainder of the show. I think the girls really liked it. We didn't buy any overpriced souvenirs, but our girls didn't give us a big fuss about it. Lucky us. I hope they stay this way, but as they grow older I think they might not.

We are off to the Discovery Museum this morning to our Playgym class. Summer has been painting since she finished breakfast. She just came in to ask me if we have any more purple paint. She just opened the pack of watercolors last night and the purple is already gone. Mostly into her Spongebob coloring book. She also painted a pumpkin that I drew on a piece of construction paper. It is on the fridge with some of her other artwork. She really does love art projects. I wonder what it will be today at Playgym. They do so many creative things there. I have quite a collection already.

Gotta run!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You've Been Warned...

I still haven't figured out the best way to share photos on this blog so the formatting it a little bad in the next post. I mean there is a huge empty space in the middle. Anybody have any suggestions???

Busy as bees!

Willow & Summer

It seems like this time of year is so busy. We have been running all over the place and doing all kinds of things.

Summer had a monster bash last Saturday. Her friends Willow and Liliana went with her. There were also a few of her friends from Playgym there - MaryBlake and Twily. She really enjoyed it. Especially dancing with the green M&M. I even got that on video. There was "worm dig" and a maze. I think Summer's favorite part was the pumpkin painting. She really loves to paint. Maybe we will have a little artist in our family. I don't know where she got the talent though. Clint and I can barely draw stick figures. LOL Anyway, on the way out of the museum we stopped to roast a marshmallow and have some popcorn, apples, and cider. It was pretty cool that Summer's party had a fire for marshmallows just like mine did a few weeks ago. I guess there are some similarities in our parties although I prefer mine to be kid free. Not that I don't enjoy her parties because I do. It is just that it is nice to have adult time sometimes too. That is one area in which my mom helps me out all the time. And for that, I AM VERY GRATEFUL!!! Not only for me, but also for Summer. She is such a blast to be around that Summer always wants to go to Memaw's house (all the grandkids do). Summer never fails to get excited about going there so I know they must be having a lot of fun. Which is another nice thing. Not only having someone to watch my child, but someone who loves to do it and makes my child truly happy while she is there. Definitely PRICELESS.

Ok, so we all know how awesome Memaw is now, right?

A few weeks ago we went to the New Salem Mountain Festival with some friends. We walked around looking at the all the local goods. I got Summer a pink ribbon hairbow that she will hopefully wear. I say hopefully because the last time I tried to get her to wear it, it was pretty much a fight. :( Well, maybe not a fight, but I'm sure it did involve bribery. lol We had a nice lunch (me-pork sandwich, Summer-chicken stew) and then went back through to see what else we wanted. We got our new Christmas ornament for this year. Summer saw some kids with their faces painted, so we found the face painting booth and made her wish come true. That never happens. NOT. The girls wishes almost always come true. But so do mine, so I don't feel too bad about it. :)

We also took a trip to the zoo. The girls liked it, especially the railing they could climb on. LOL Like every time we went to a new exhibit, there they went. It was cute, but probably not something we should condone. Awww, who cares? They are a little on the short side so they can't see over the fence like the rest of us unless they are standing on the rail, right? :) Lexie, Summer's niece, went with us, but slept pretty much the entire time. She did wake up as we were leaving though, but just long enough to let me know she was ready to eat. Here is a pic of some wild animals we saw there.

We went to the River Park. We also had a play date at Liliana's house. We rode bikes to Lupi's for pizza one night and went to get cupcakes another day. We have taken a walk on the riverfront with Paw-Paw and Gay. We have taken the tricycle out front for a lesson in pedaling. It seems the only thing she learned from the lesson though was that it is easier to get off and push. Maybe not, but at the time she thought it sounded better. We have done much more than that in the past month and still have a lot left to do. I hope November is a little less busy though. Otherwise I am going to be worn out in December!!!

Tonight we are going to see Disney On Ice. Selena and Willow are going to join us. I hope the girls (and adults) enjoy it!

Friday, October 17, 2008

A new beginning

This is my first post on my new blog, although it is pretty much the same blog as before with a new name and web address. Oh yeah, minus the pictures. :(

Summer woke up this morning wanting to go to the playground again. LOL I guess a child can never get too much of a good thing. She asked me if it was still raining, so I am guessing Clint was going to take her last night while I was teaching Jazzercise. He told me he tried to take her for a bike ride, but it started raining on them so they had to come home. We already have plans to go to the aquarium today with some friends, Katie and Amy. So, hopefully she will be happy with that.

Last night after my Jazzercise class, I headed to the Rush to meet my workout buddies. But I had to swing by the condo first to get Summer because she wanted to go with me. :) Makes me feel good to know she enjoys going somewhere I enjoy going. I guess she is a little socialite like me.

We have a Monster Bash to go to tomorrow night at the Creative Discovery Museum. Her friends Willow and Liliana are going too so I am sure it will be long as they all are happy in their costumes. I am still trying to decide if I am going to wear a costume or not. I think one of the moms will wear one and the other won't so I won't be the oddball either way. I borrowed a butterfly costume from a friend the other day that I am definitely going to wear on Halloween. Decisions, decisions.

I am being beckoned to go make breakfast. I am going to whip up some eggs, fried potatoes and pancakes. Should be yummy!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First the gym, then the playground

This morning we were all late getting out of bed.  I didn't get up until 8:30 and Summer didn't get up until after 9:00.   I heard her open my bedroom door and then call out "Mommy."  I replied with "Summer Julianna."  She ran to me and we gave each other some good morning lovin'.  Then she told me she wanted to go to the playground.  She also said she wanted to have a picnic.  We have been doing that about once a week lately and I guess today was the day she wanted to go.  It was cute.  It is amazing how grown up she acts and she is only two!!! 

Shortly afterwards she wanted some breakfast, and she decided on a bowl of cereal and a glass of apple juice.  Today I did not have to run through a list of a million things, all to be shot down.  Yeah!  After she ate, she went and got her shoes on, grabbed her bear and announced she was ready to go.  I told her we had to go to the gym first which she didn't seem to mind.  I finished getting ready and we headed out the door to the Rush. 

She really likes going there now.  That is nice because now I don't have to listen to her cry as I leave her to go workout.  When I got back from my workout, she was sitting in the floor with her cup in her mouth, twirling it around and staring at the wall.  She looked like she was in some kind of daze, but quickly snapped out of it when she saw me.  She is always so excited to see me when I show up which makes me feel good. 

She was hungry, so we stopped to get some food to take for our picnic at the park.  She wanted chicken noodle soup, but Subway didn't have any.  So, I grabbed us a sandwich, cheetos, water and a "big" cookie and we headed to the River Park. 

We hadn't ever been to that playground so it was exciting for us both.  She wanted to slide right away, but also needed to pee.  She thought she could make it through at least one time down the slide without having to pee, but that was not the case.  So, we ran to the bathroom so she could finish in the potty.  She rarely has accidents like that so I didn't make a big deal about it.  Supermom had an extra pair of panties and shorts.  LOL 

We sat down and ate our food, listening to the birds sing.  I asked her if the birds were singing to her and she said, "to me and you!"  She is so smart!  And did I also mention sweet?  And polite?  I can only hope she stays this way.  I try to make an effort to be all the things I want her to be so that she has a good example to follow.  It is not always easy, and I am NOT always perfect, but I do try.  I want to be the best example I can be for my little angel.  That way she will stay one. 

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Good Lovin'

My little girl has to be the sweetest thing alive!  She gives me big hugs and kisses all the time.  She sometimes adds a little pat on the back with her hugs.  She will say, "I lub you so much!"  Today I asked her who was beautiful and she said, "You are!"  That was so sweet and just made my day because I was actually talking about her, not me.  I just don't know how I got so lucky to have such a sweet little girl, but she is absolutely adorable!  And, I am the luckiest Mommy in the whole world to have her! 

Gotta get back to saving all the pics off this journal to my computer!   

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's coming to an end!!!!

I learned a few days ago that Aol is doing away with its blogging services at the end of the month.  That means I only have a few more weeks to blog on this website!  :(  I have just finished printing out the entire and journal and am trying to figure out what to do with the pics.  I wish there was some way to get them printed off without having to do it individually.  Maybe I will figure something out.  There is a possibility they will be able to move my blog to another site, but I haven't heard any details.  So, it seems as this journal may come to an end.  It all started on Sept. 17, 2005, and now three years later it may be ending!!!  I must say it really doesn't seem like I have been doing it that long though.  We'll just have to wait and see what happens now.

As for Summer, the reason behind this whole blog, she is growing up more and more everyday.  The endless "Why?" has started.  Along with that, she now informs me when she does not want to "be quiet."   lol  She does know how to whisper though which makes me laugh.  Sometimes when she is on the phone, I will whisper something for her to say and she will then whisper it to the person on the phone.  :)  Busted!  It is cute though. 

She is very independent.  She can put on her clothes all by herself.  She can use the bathroom all by herself when she wants to.  Although sometimes she still wants me to help.  I guess watching is a big help b/c sometimes when she does say "Mommy I need you to help me go potty," she really does not want me to help.  It is confusing, but I try to just go with the flow and feel her out.  It does feel good when she wants me to help even though I know she can do alone.  I know one day there will be a time when she probably won't want me to help with anything.  I dread that day and pray it never comes. 

I need to get an appt. scheduled to get some pics made.  I have a coupon for Master Portraits and mightgive them a try.  I wanted to get her pics taken in her ballet outfit and her Barney Halloween costume.  Then comes Christmas pics.  I got a green shirt for me the other day that looks like a Christmas shirt. Summer has a red and black dress.  Gotta figure out what Clint will wear.  I broke down and cut Summer's bangs all by myself the other day.  I must admit they don't look too bad considering she did exactly the opposite of what I told her to do.  ;)  It helps that her hair is not straight.  It is so wild you can't tell how crooked they are!  Really, they are not that bad though for someone with no experience.  They are not in her eyes anymore and that is the most important thing of all!  I do hope she will let me put her hair up for her pics.  It is so cute when she lets me put it in pigtails!  I just wish she would leave them in longer.  It seems like when I do get her to wear them, she ends up wearing a jacket which must be zipped ("all the way up!") and the hood must be on her head.  Let's just hope that trend continues as it gets colder. 

She is napping right now, so I best try to get things straightened up before Amanda and Lexie come over for dinner.  I can't wait to see my granddaughter.  Man it feels weird to say that!