Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Heartbeat

We went to our second dr.'s appt. on Tuesday.  We got to hear the baby's was amazing.  It took the doctor a few seconds to find it, so I started getting worried.  But, then he found it.  It sounded just like I had heard it would...running horses.  It was beating so!!!  On the way home, my husband told me he almost started crying when he heard the heartbeat.  This pregnancy has really brought out his sensitive side.  I like it!!! 

This week I have not felt as nauseated or been  as tired as I had been for the past few weeks.  So, that is a good thing.  Maybe that is over with...I'll keep my fingers   As of Monday, I had lost 7 pounds which is surprising since I haven't even been sick.  I weigh less now that I have in's weird.  I am anxious to start to show, but I know it will come sooner than later.  I guess that is it for now...


Wednesday, October 5, 2005

My First Doctor's Appointment

Yesterday, my husband and I went to our first doctor's appointment.  The doctor said I am about 8 weeks pregnant and that the baby is due May 16.  He tried to hear the baby's heartbeat, but it was too early.  So, we have to go back in two weeks so he can try again.  Of course, I forgot most of the questions I had been wanting to ask because I did not write them down...lesson learned.  Except, today I thought of something I want to ask, but I did not write it down and have already forgotten what it was...not sure I really learned anything.  But, I am going to make an effort to write my ?'s down.  One funny thing about the visit...I guess it was my husband's first time in a examination room at a gynecologist.  So, we go in there and I am getting undressed.  He looks at the table (w/ the stirrups) and says, "Do they deliver babies back here?"  I couldn't stop laughing.  Needless to say, the stirrups freaked him out a little bit and I told him he could go back out front until I went to talk to the doctor (I had to have my yearly exam, so I didn't want to make him stay for that).  When the nurse and doctor came back there, I was still laughing to myself and had to tell them the story.  I must say it was the thing I will remember most about the visit.  Anyway, everything looked good.  I can't wait to go back in two weeks to hear the heartbeat.....