Thursday, May 24, 2012

3.5 days and counting

It's hard to believe that Kindergarden is almost over. The year has flown by as the years do when you get older. I really don't remember them going by this fast when I was still in school. Summer and I are looking forward to the summer. Vacations, camps, trips to the pool....what more could you want? Me possibly a boat ride or two, but I think Summer could do without that. The nose dives the boat took last year along with our bad luck getting it started at times has pretty much scarred her for life and given her a negative view of boating. :( Another perk of summertime is NOT having to get up and go to school every day. That will be awesome! Summer may still get up early, but we won't have to leave the house everyday by seven forty five a.m. Today was her end of the year party. The kids got to celebrate at the Warner Park Spray and Play. It was a blast for them and such a beautiful day too. Summer led her friends in a few made up routines while playing in the fountains that had them all mesmerized. It was fun just to watch them smiling and giggling and enjoying the time with each other. The ice cream bar was also a treat for the kids. What kid doesn't like ice cream? Tomorrow we have some early scans (one month) due to some insurance issues. I'm happy to go ahead and get them over with so we won't have that cloud over our summer. She will probably end up missing all day tomorrow so technically she only has 2.5 days left of school. :D She will have a chest x-ray, ultrasound and bloodwork to make sure she still looks to be cancer free. I'm soooo ready to have the results already. I remember she we first found out she had cancer it was via ultrasound in the same place we are going tomorrow, and it was one of the worst days of my life. I don't know what I would do if I got that news again, but I'm sure we would cope. I am thankful beyond what words could describe for my baby and the way she has recovered from her bout with cancer. I pray she never has to go through it again! Now if only we could get the rest of our clan cancer free..... The holiday weekend is going to be spent with friends and family swimming and and having fun. Then we will finish up the school year with graduation on Wednesday afternoon followed by a half day on Thursday. Let the good times roll!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

6 years and counting

Summer turned six years old last Sunday.  After a delicious lunch with our friends Selena and Willow at the restaurant of her choice, Olive Garden, she celebrated with friends and family at the North River YMCA.  The kids played several games, including stick the tail on the donkey and a relay passing an object with their elbows, while we waited for everyone to arrive.  Then we sang "Happy Birthday" and ate cake.  Summer tore through her presents because everyone was anxious for the main attraction:  the pool!!!  She got more than she needed, but I guess that's what happens on birthdays.  The kids had a great time swimming in the pool.  Before the party, I had Summer go take her swim test so she could get it out of the way.  She swam the whole lenth of the pool with no problem and got her green bracelet to show she was okay to swim without a life jacket.  She did a good job making her way around the pool at the party.  It was a pretty big pool and she made her way from one end to the other mingling pretty good with her friends.  She was sure to get herself a goody bag at the end of the party as she said goodbye to her friends and they got theirs.  It's so funny how important the little things in that bag seem to kids....for a few minutes anyway.  I don't think she's seen it since we got home from the party.

After we got home, she wanted to play with her new things.  She ended up playing with the water guns first, followed by the flip flops you decorate yourself.  She LOVED those!!!!  She also got her first sets of Legos: the girl ones.  Crazy how they are gender specific nowadays!!  She really enjoyed them and as a result I was able to get her to let me leave school the next day (without her following me down the hall) by reminding her of the Legos they have to play with in the classroom.  The boys are the ones who generally play with them.  But, after several attempts to tell her goodbye that Monday, I spotted the Legos and when I mentioned them she ran over and started playing with them.  I wonder how long it lasted and if she actually built something, but I never asked.  Yes, I still walk her to class every morning even though it is almost the end of Kindergarten (only 14 days left).  I still sit and watch her do her notebook sheets, answer the question Ms. Tracy writes on the board everyday, and move her apple up.  We haven't done the "Rock-a-bye Baby" routine in a month or two, but we do still usually have an extra huggy hug every morning before I leave.  I'm thinking I'm going to have to give all this up next year when 1st grade rolls around.  I really hope she still wants me to walk her in, but I know she is going to outgrow it one day.  :(

She enjoyed most of her other gifts throughout the rest of the week, but there are still some that she has not gotten to yet.  She got a big bag of crafts and creative type things from my aunts yesterday.  I know she is going to enjoy them over the summer.  We should be all set on things to entertain ourselves with for quite a while.  She got 3 Wii games, including Just Dance 3 which we have been wanting for a while.  She also got a little money and a gift card so maybe she will save up for something special.  Or maybe, she'll just see something she can't live without one day and spend it. 

It's hard to believe that six years have passed since she came out of my belly.  It has been such a joy to watch her grow.  She has yet to lose any teeth which is probably the next big milestone for her.  Her two front teeth are dead and grey as a result of a fall a month or so ago, but they are barely loose and don't seem to be in a hurry to go anywhere anytime soon.  Last week, we discovered she can tie her shoes.  Usually she does not wear shoes with laces because I have made a point not to buy any, but she does have a few pairs.  Well, one morning after dressing herself and doing her own hair, she came in the kitchen with her shoes on and tied too.  She was so proud of herself.  It's bittersweet to see her becoming so independent, but it's got to happen sooner or later.  I miss my little baby, but I wouldn't trade my big girl for anything in the world.  She is truly one of the greatest blessings of my life!